The men of Elnu
and Woodland Confederacy Drumming
18th Century Living History Album
Most of the members of Elnu also belong to a Living History Organization called the Woodland Confederacy.  Three
quarters of Woodland Confederacy's members are ELNU Abenakis.  Many people have  read about the old ways of
doing things, but we, as modern Abenaki people, actually practice living  the old ways.
Linda Longtoe of Elnu
with Marge Bruchac
Norm M'Sadoques , in his canoe, on the
Celeron Expedition, a 4 day historical canoe trek
"Frog" pictured in
"Southern Vermont Advent,"
Autumn 2005
Scouts,Tory and Mikey Longtoe,
in a tree, at the Battle of Salmon
Hole, Jamaica, Vt
Roger Longtoe on Snowshoes
Ashley Taylor, Katie & Aimee M'Sadoques,
Lina & Breanna Longtoe
Chuck and Dave Hartwell
The young warriors of Elnu and
Woodland Confederacy'
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