Rose and Jackie Hartwell doing a demonstration at
the Pepperell Historic Society in Pepperell, Mass
Patty M'Sadoques (in the hat)
at a council at Ft Ontario, NY
Kathy Swift, Linda Longtoe, Rose Hartwell with
friends (Hannah & Peggy) from the
Woodland Confederacy
Robert Longtoe in his canoe on the
Celeron Expedition.  
The M'Sadoques Women
Erica Hartwell and Mikey Longtoe
Anthony Longtoe in front of
his cousin Vera's wigwam
Elliott Swift chasing Broady Longtoe
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18th Century Living Photo Album
Most of the members of Elnu also belong to a Living History Organization called the Woodland Confederacy.  Three
quarters of Woodland Confederacy's members are ELNU Abenakis.  Many people have  read about the old ways of
doing things, but we, as modern Abenaki people, actually practice living  the old ways.
Jim Taylor painted in
red and black paint
Ashley and Jill
Taylor in front of
their wigwam
Norm M'Sadoques (far right with
musket) standing with French soldiers
MC Thomson AKA "He Who Knows Canoes",
Roger Longtoe and Josh (Woodland
Confederacy) smoking pipes
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