About the Elnu Abenaki People
by Roger Longtoe

El-Nu is a small Abenaki tribe- or what some might call an Abenaki band, which has taken a
different path from the average modern tribe or band.  Although you may occasionally see
some of us at a pow-wows or doing lectures and demonstrations on Abenaki Culture, we
devote most our time to the historical or living history aspects of Wabanaki culture.  

We are dedicated to the teaching and study of Abenaki History & Culture.  We have many
Artisans practicing traditional craft skills, such as Quillwork, Wampum, stone carving, weapons
and sewing regalia.   Our Artisans and Crafts People are passing their skills onto the next
generation.   Elnu has a few Socials each year.  We always dedicate a portion of our time
together, to singing traditional Wabanaki songs and story telling.  This will ensure, it will be
learned by our children and past onto our grandchildren.  We also do lectures and
demonstrations, on Abenaki History and Culture, at museums, historic sites and schools.  
Some of our members have also been featured in documentaries on the history channel.

Many of us feel that by living by the ways of our ancestors we are able to become closer to
the old ones   For days or weeks at a time, We live in wigwams, dress in buckskins, wool and
linen, cook over a fire, sing, drum and tell stories and sleep on skins and wool blankets- just
as the old ones did.  For most members of El-Nu this happens on summer weekends or for a
week or two each year- whenever we can get time off from our modern lives.  We do this
through the Woodland Confederacy, a Native living history group made up of mostly of
Abenakis and other native peoples, as well as people who are not native.   Woodland
Confederacy is a non-biased historical organization dedicated to the preservation of the
culture, traditions and life-ways of Northeasten native peoples of the past.  By way of research
and presentation of Living History, The Woodland Confederacy, has become the historical
arm of the El-Nu tribe.

For more information on the Woodland Confederacy and for a schedule of events, check our
Related Links page.  We hope to see you at some living history events this summer!
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