Dave Hartwell enjoying
Wabanaki singing & the bonfire
More from ELNU's Fall Social
ELNU has a few Socials each year.  They usually last for 2 or 3 days.  Most take place in
Westminister, Vermont.  This years Social also including a "barn raising party.
MANY THANKS to Anthony & Donna Longtoe who have enough space and are continually
gracious enough to house 30-40 people at a time
"It's my turn to hold the baby." - Raven Swift gave her mom Kathy a break and took turns with everyone.  
Pictured here from left to right with Erica Hartwell, Roger Longtoe Sr  and then finally with Vera Longtoe
Hawk Longtoe playing with his cousin
Broady's trucks
Hawk and Lina waiting for the
Feast to start
While baby Raven was past around,
her Dad, Dan Swift had time to hang
out with her older brother Elliott
Kathy Swift gets a few minutes to
herself, while everyone took turns
with baby Raven
Breanna (and her cousins) Lina and Hawk
Longtoe, look on as their friends and family
shoot bows & arrows
tattoo Artist Josh Salisbury, tattooing
Roger Longtoe with a traditional tattoo,
while older brother Jackie and Dave
Hartwell look on
Mike Plant & Mikey Longtoe watch, as
Mikey's Dad gets tattooed
Jackie relaxes with his wife Vera Sr.
© 2006 Elnu Abenaki Tribe

ELNU Abenaki