Togetherness - Everyone made good use of the hot tub
Fall Social
ELNU has a few Socials each year.  They usually last for 2 or 3 days.  Most take place in Westminister, Vermont.  This
years Social also including a "barn raising party.
MANY THANKS to Anthony & Donna
Longtoe who have enough space and
are continually gracious enough to house
30-40 people at a time.  
(Left) Erica Hartwell gets a ride from John  Salisbury
(Middle) Walker Brooks coming back from a ride
(Right)  Lina Longtoe goes for a ride with her father Robert,  while grampa John (above) looks on
Rose Hartwell and Anthony Longtoe
Roger Sr. and his brother John look
on as "the kids" takes turns
on the ATV
Everyone at the Social took turns throwing the
Attle Attle, tomahawk, knife, spears and shooting the bow & arrows and sling throwing
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ELNU Abenaki