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Vermont Indian Commission Creates Face-book Account
Mark Mitchell

Squeezed further into a corner and lacking a unified voice, the VCNAA has created a face-book
account as another way to dispense information.

After spending and wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars recently creating a "State" web site, the
VCNAA apparently have realized the site is ineffective and will never serve any constructive

As an extension to their "New Official State Web Site," will, face-book be utilized properly and reflect
the consensus of the Commission?

Is the goal to be more open with the Native Community or will they block, screen, and decide which
postings to post?

Will it be utilized as an inclusive, fair & informative site for all or simply demonstrate the continued in-
house fighting among Commission members?

Will this continue to prevent the Commission from moving forward in any significant way?

Only time will tell.

Breaking News
Vermont Indian Commission reverses course with Face-Book

It appears that the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs face-book account, (after a
long 4 day run), has been shut down.

This web site still has not received comment from the Commission as to why it was developed in the
first place.

Is Twitter next?

Vacancies on Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs
Mark Mitchell

Persons interested in serving on the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs may apply by
completing an “Application for Gubernatorial Appointment” and submitting it by August 15, 2010.

To view Act No. 107, “An act relating to state recognition of Native American Indian tribes in
Vermont,” establishing the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs and its responsibilities,  
please go to: http://www.leg.state.vt.us/DOCS/2010/ACTS/ACT107.PDF

With the transitional provisions provided within S.222 all present members of the Commission on
Native American Affairs terms shall be deemed expired.

The present members will not be able to reapply for an appointment to the Commission for two
Governor Douglas will appoint nine members to the Commission, provided a sufficient number of
qualified candidates have been submitted by September 1, 2010.

This in itself could take months and possibly be left for the next elected Governor to address.

Let the process begin.......................................................................................

Applicants Apply for Vermont Indian Commission
Mark Mitchell

Today was the deadline for those interested in serving on the Vermont Commission on Native
American Affairs, (VCNAA). At this time, twenty one applicants have been received by the Vermont
Division for Historic Preservation to fill the nine open seats.   

Under the Commission's established authority the first priority is to review supporting documents
from applicants and makes recommendations for or against State recognition to the legislative

This must be completed as the Commission can only assist Native American Indian tribes
recognized by the State.

One can only hope that each applicant has reviewed the bill, understands their established
authority and the criteria and process for State recognition of Native American Indian tribes.
This web site has requested access to all public records and documents of all applicants as this site
believes the public has a right to know.

The first Commission created in 2006 fought a 4 year battle with the state over its refusal to pass
legislation recognizing Vermont’s indigenous people.  

Vermont Indian Commission Selection Process Begins
Mark Mitchell

For a second time in four years , Governor Douglas will appoint members for the Vermont
Commission on Native American Affairs, (VCNAA), from a total of 26 applicants.  Governor Douglas
originally appointed seven members after the legislature passed S117 in 2006.

To meet the deadline of September 1, 2010, the Governor's office and Historic Preservation will
begin interviewing the candidates this week.

This website has taken the time to review all the applicants and has reserved the right not to
publish them at this time.

Now we await the Governor's decision and announcement of his nine qualified candidates.

Breaking News!
Governor Douglas Announces Appointments for Indian Commission
Mark Mitchell

Governor Douglas will announce later today his selection for the Vermont Commission on Native
American Affairs.

After a long 4 year battle with the Vermont State legislature, this newly appointed Commission
begins with an established authority which is no longer illusory.
These are the Governor's selections, as provided through this website's numerous sources.

Melody Walker Brook - Jeffersonville, VT

Shirly Hook-Therrien - Braintree, VT

Dawn Macie - Rutland, VT

Takara Matthews - Richmond, VT

Charlene McManis - Worcester, VT

Nathan E. Pero - West Fairlee, VT

David Vanslette - Swanton, VT
Luke A. Willard - Brownington, VT

Fred W. Wiseman - Newport, VT