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For Immediate Release
March 22nd, 2007
Meets South at Nawihla!
Nancy Lyons

The Koasek Abenaki Nation will host it’s first Native American Festival and Pow Wow on June 2 and 3, 2007 at the Woodsville
Community Field, Woodsville, NH. The schedule includes over 30 arts and crafts venders, four drum groups, December Wind Native
Folk Rock Band on Saturday night and a special guest performance each day featuring the Aztec Dancers from Mexico. A detailed time
schedule will be available to the public in advance of the Pow wow.

The Luis Salinas and family Aztec dancers have performed all over the United States. They will do many dances and explain their
culture and what the dances mean before each performance. The most exciting part of the show will be when they invite the public in
the circle to dance with them on some occasions. They will end their performances with a traditional Fire Dance; one of the most
outstanding Aztec dances.

The Native American Pow wow has been named Nawihla which in Abenaki means
“ I am returning home”. Haverhill and Newbury meadows have historically been the center of commerce for the Koasek Abenaki until
the contact era. Back in historic times many other tribal nations would come to the meadows to trade with Abenaki by way of the Long
River ( the Connecticut River). Nawihla will be a huge celebration welcoming the Abenaki and other Native People back home. It is
especially an honor for Chief Nancy Lyons to return home with her people. Chief Lyons was born and raised in Haverhill and went to
Haverhill Academy and Woodsville High School.

To bring back a glimpse of what life was like for the Abenaki in the meadows the El Nu Abenaki Tribe will set up a historic village
complete with blanket trading and craft making demonstrations through out the weekend. The public will be welcome to visit the village
and ask questions and even purchase some of the hand tooled items on the trade blankets.

Nawihla organizers have been working in partnership with other area business for the Native American event. Haverhill Alumni Hall will
host a lecture with Trudy Ann Parker on May 30th. Trudy Ann Parker (Abenaki) is the author of Aunt Sarah, Woman of the Dawnland and
Big Snow Little Snow. Aunt Sarah is a book about Trudy’s Aunt who lived to be 108 winters. Big Snow Little Snow is based on the
logging day of the Connecticut River. On May 31st Joseph Firecrow, Northern Cheyenne Granny Nominee will perform a music concert
at Alumni Hall.

Chief Nancy Lyons will be working with area schools on the possibility of featuring Fred Wiseman and his DVD Against the Darkness
to area schools prior to the pow wow weekend. Against the Darkness gathers together, for the first time, an impressive array of
genealogical information, historic objects, documents and photographs to refute this cleansing of Northeastern indigenous history.
Using live action and voiceover by young Abenaki actors and the stirring music of songwriter Peter Buffett, this digital video inspires as
well as informs.

The video footage has been carefully screened by over 100 American and Canadian Abenakis of all ages. Passamaquoddy,
Penobscot, Wendat, Mohawk, Narragansett, Wampanoag, Pequot, Mahican and Euroamerican elders, scholars and filmmakers
provided an "external" Native perspective. Their sage advice has been incorporated into the Against the Darkness System.
The events listed above have been sponsored by the Town of Haverhill, Nootka Lodge, Woodsville Guaranty Bank and Koasek Tribal

ELNU Abenaki