Traditional Activities Album
The families of ELNU pass Abenaki traditions down to our children in a variety of ways.  Some of these
ways are singing Wabanaki Songs and Chants; dancing at Powwows; having Socials,
practicing Traditional Spirituality; passing on Oral Tradition; Story Telling; taking the kids out on treks
and wilderness excursions; and paying homage to those who have gone before us.
Cousins - Hawk, Roger, Tory &
Vera Longtoe at Swanton Powwow
with Friend Mohawk Ed
Mike Plant Kayaking during a 9 day Trek, on
Little Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks
Vera teaching the young ones (Broady,
Breanna & Lina), about Cedar Smudge Sticks
at our Summer 2006 Social
Aimee, Ron M'Sadoques , Mike Plant (taking the
picture) and Roger Longtoe trekking
Calico Powwow, 1996 or 1997- Linda, Lina, Vera &
Robert Longtoe with friend
Inter-tribal cultural day - Roger Longtoe talking with
another Abenaki who was doing a dug out canoe demo
Ceremony at "The Faces", Bellow's Falls - This is an ariel view taken from
the top of the cliff pointing down towards the  people of Elnu.  Our people
are standing towards the middle where the rocks meet the trees
Swanton Powwow - Lina Longtoe and her
cousin Melody Walker
Broady Longtoe Practices (no arrow) pulling back
on bow string while his cousin Hawk Longtoe (in
background) collects arrows  at our Fall 2006 Social
This is a close up of "The Faces" on
the rocks at Bellow's Falls
Vera Longtoe and her cousin
Melody Walker at the
Swanton Powwow
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