Aimee and Katie M'Sadoques
hanging out with Tory Longtoe
Elnu members drumming
at Winter Council 2005
Rose Hartwell and Anthony Longtoe
at the Fall Social 2006
Craft Night - Roger Longtoe,
Mike Plant and a friend
Erika Hartwell holding Raven Swift at
the Fall Social 2006
Some of our young people resting in
a leanto at the Canoe-vous
Cornish, NH
Traditional Activities Album
The families of ELNU pass Abenaki traditions down to our children in a variety of ways.  Some of these ways are
singing Wabanaki Songs and Chants; dancing at Powwows; having Socials,practicing Traditional Spirituality; passing
on Oral Tradition; Story Telling; taking the kids out on treks and wilderness excursions; and paying homage to those
who have gone before us.
3 generations of the Taylor family -
Jim, Ashley and Jill with their Aunt
Dave Hartwell enjoying the
Wabanaki singing bonfire at the
Fall 2006 Social
© 2006 Elnu Abenaki Tribe

ELNU Abenaki
Playing Snow Snakes during the
storm.  To learn more,  click link