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For Immediate Release
The White Pine Association of the Koasek Abenaki Plan for 2008
Contact: Nancy Millette
telephone: 802-392-8006

The White Pine Association, the not-for-profit organization of the Koasek Abenaki Nation
received their approval from the IRS in November. For the last year with help from fiscal agents
Cultural Survival and Native Directions the White Pine Association has been able to gear up and
be ready to spring into action once the notification came through.

On May 31 and June 1, 2008 the second annual Nawihla Native American Festival will be held at
the VFW Field in North Haverhill, New Hampshire. “ We are very excited to have this new
location,” stated Nancy Millette, President of the White Pine Association. “ The field overlooks
the meadows which holds the stories of the Abenaki's important history and is a sacred place to

Other projects the White Pine Association are actively working on is language and historical
preservation. Thanks to the many donors to the White Pine in the last year the organization was
able to purchase a rare 1884 dictionary of the Laurent to English Dictionary in mint condition.
The organization also was able to secure a  rare 50 cd audio set of the Laurent language. The
White Pine Association's plans are to be able to purchase a multi cd burner to reproduce the
language and to distribute it to the community members free of charge. WPA are also planning
to develop a website that will host the audio language in MP3 format as well as the dictionary in
PDF files to make it as accessible as possible. “ The Abenaki language is on the list of
endangered languages.” state Millette “ We want to be able to give this important material back
to the community it belongs to so it will be saved.” White Pine has  already donated full copy of
the audio language to Missisquio/ Sokoki St Francis Band to date. Millette  and members of the
WPA board  has spent years working with other Native American communities such as
Onondaga Reservation, Akwesasne  and Kanatsiohareke to study how their successful
language immersion programs helped to preserve the language which holds in itself the core of
the cultural identity of the people to which it belongs.

In 2006, the Calley family of Wells River gave seeds to the Abenaki corn that was so important
to not only the Abenaki people but to the settlers that migrated to the Coos Meadows so long
ago. The corn corp was planted last year. Due to the unsettled weather the corn only double in
size but has been shared with others for the up coming planting season 2008. “Our plan with the
corn is to be able to continually multiply our crops until we can freely distribute the seeds among
all Abenaki people who are interested in helping us bring the corn back to it's perpetuity.”  

The White Pine Association is working hard to develop a Native American Directory and
Speakers Bureau that will help promote Native American Artists, Native American arts and
preservation organizations and educational speakers in the New England area. Millette has over
20 years experience in working in the Native Arts and Music field. In collaboration with other
Native American organizations through out New England the White Pine Association's goal is to
become a chamber of commerce to help promote the many talented individuals and
organizations on the equal and successful  level as the Native communities as the west have
been able to accomplish. “ In partnership and friendship we extend a helping hand to others who
are working in the same field. As one close friend and associate once said: A rising tide raises
all ships.”
The long term goal is to develop a cultural center that can become a place for all Abenaki to use
and benefit from. The Abenaki were never granted a reservation but the WPA feels strongly a
“place” will give the Abenaki people an opportunity to preserve and pass onto the  in the next
generations . For more information contact Nancy Millette at 802-392-8006 or White Pine
Association of the Koasek Nation PO Box 42, Newbury VT 05051 or the New Hampshire office at
PO Box 34, Haverhill, NH 03765

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