Elnu Abenaki Tribal Headquarters, 350 Putney Road, Brattleboro, VT 05301

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The Elnu Abenaki Tribe is based in what is now called southern Vermont, along the Kwenitekw and Wantastekw (Connecticut and West Rivers), and the landscapes within those and connected watersheds. The Elnu are one of the current four Vermont State-Recognized Native American Tribes, residing within the western part of Kdakinna, the Abenaki traditional homelands. We work to continue our Indigenous cultural heritage through historical research, lectures and school programs, oral storytelling, singing, dancing and traditional craft making.  We are a small Band, with a traditional chief and council, and citizens living over a wide area, a reflection of the displacement and marginalization of historic and modern society.

Our primary focus is honoring our lasting heritage from the Kchiak – our Ancestors, maintaining our good relationships with Ndalôgmômek – All Our Relatives and Nigawes Akikw – Mother Earth, and ensuring that Alnôbaiwiwôganal – our Abenaki traditions – carry on to our children. We are traditionalists committed to maintaining our culture in a modern society.  Learning from the past creates a better future for all. 

In this Dawnland light – Wôbanakik – we acknowledge that with the realization of the great power that resides in the traditional world of Spirit comes great responsibility. We take an active role in engaging with both the contemporary, colonized powers-that-be along the Rivers and within the Land and with those not seen above and below, along with those that have come before and those that will follow – seeking honor, respect, continuity, and community. Ndalamizibna iodalik kassôkiona – we are grateful to be here with you.

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written by enrolled citzens

Vermont Proclamations & Resolutions Support Vermont’s 4 State-Recognized Tribes

On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at 12pm, the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs, along with the Abenaki Alliance, Vermont Abenaki tribal leaders, and community representatives, held a press conference to celebrate Governor Scott’s Proclamation 23-054 naming May 1-7, 2023 as Abenaki Recognition and Heritage Week. In addition to Governor Scott’s fifth consecutive proclamation, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Peter Welch, and Rep. Becca Balint issued a congressional delegation statement in commemoration.

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